Three people in a London art studio talking.

What makes a great artist’s studio provider?

Artist Studio Finder believes that a commitment to affordability and quality makes a great studio provider. There are over 360 different organisations in London providing studios for artists.

When choosing a London studio provider, we recommend you take into account the size of the organisation and their commitments as businesses to understand their values—and therefore understand what they can offer the artists in their studios. 

Here are a few things to look out in an artist studio provider:

Well Maintained Facilities

It goes without saying that an artist studio should be safe, clean, and well maintained. A good studio provider will make sure all studios and workspaces should have proper lighting, ventilation, and amenities, and be up to date on health and safety.

If there is an issue, a reliable point of contact such as a studio manager that is responsive to artists’ needs and concerns, and addresses maintenance issues promptly should be on hand. 

Artist Offer

A cheap art studio is not the only benefit your studio provider may offer. Depending on the organisation, some studio providers may provide support and opportunities for artists as well as affordable creative workspace. Keep an eye out for professional development programmes for artists, work opportunities, project spaces, exhibition opportunities, open studio events, residency programmes, media arts facilities, sustainable resource sharing, and education or outreach programmes.

Not–For–Profit Studio Providers

Artist’s Studio Finder supports renting from established, not-for-profit London studio providers. Often registered as Charities, Community Interest Companies (CIC’s), or Limited companies as the safest and most affordable solution for most artists.  As these organisations have been set up to prioritise the needs of artists and support London’s creative sector. 

Photo Credit: Alberto Romano

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